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Scholarship Opportunities


  • Who can take advantage of the Tribe’s scholarship opportunity?

    • The Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska strives to help our Tribal Members to obtain various scholarship opportunities; whether it is for youth or a young adult pursuing education at an accredited college or university, or adult vocational school. Scholarships are open to tribal members only!

    • Higher Education Scholarship applicants must fill out the educational forms every semester. Educational institutions in which the applicant plans to attend must send Official Transcripts to the Qawalangin Tribe, and in order to receive a scholarship, the prospective recipient must keep at least a 2.5 GPA to remain eligible.

    • To qualify for the Adult Vocational Education Scholarship, applicants must be residents of Unalaska, have the completed application turned in on time, and an enrolled member of the Qawalangin Tribe. Applicants must also show that the educational scholarship relates to their selected field of work. 

  • How do you apply for the scholarship?

    • Please contact the Tribe Office for more information on scholarships for Higher Education, Adult Vocational Education, or the Alaska Native/Native American Pre-School Tuition Scholarship. The Higher Education scholarship application can be found here. You can drop it off our tribal office, email, or mail it to us.